I think that brides who wear a more natural, but finished look, can never go wrong. If you look at bridal photos, the most classic looks are those that actually resemble the bride herself, only prettier. Enhancing your own beauty is the key, not covering it up with a rainbow of colors. Consider the style of your dress, your hair as well as your personality. Check the lighting, is it an indoor or outdoor wedding? Day or evening? Where are you going to to be taking your wedding pictures? If you love sparkle, try using a shimmer instead of a glittery eyeshadow. Shimmers are softer while glitter may have you looking like a disco ball. Everything needs to be balanced. So if you want a little drama, a strong lip color goes great with softer colors on the eyes and a smokey eye with  a nude lip is gorgeous. Playing up the apple of your cheeks with a pop of bright color is so pretty with a tight bold eyeliner.  In the end you want to keep consistent with your own personality. If its 80' punk or gothic glam that you want to rock on your wedding day then go for it! It’s your day and feeling comfortable and confident is so important! However, keep in mind you will have these pictures as memories forever. As a test, go back and look at old photos of yourself and see if it brings back fond memories or "what was I thinking!" Go on the internet and look at various wedding makeup. You may see something you like but aren't quite sure if it will look good on you. Take these pictures and bring it to your trial session. You and your makeup artist can look through some of the ideas and she/he may have some of their own which they can incorporate and personalize. Then decide what look is right for you, you may be pleasantly surprised.  (go to the video tab to see a natural look)